About Mark E. Edwards, Esq.

                    With over 37 years in practice as a Civil / Criminal / Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, Mark E. Edwards brings a unique level of experience to the role of an expert witness in Legal Malpractice cases.  For decades Mr. Edwards was the senior partner and manager of one of the largest litigation firms in Orange County.  He has tried cases in most Southern California counties and several Central and Northern California counties.            Board certified in 1992 as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, Mr. Edwards also served as the President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association in 1986; Master of the Bench in the American Inns of Court since 1997, and an Adjunct Professor of Law since 2000.

           Mr. Edwards is especially knowledgeable on the “Standard-of-Care” issues for:

Case Work-up                                           Pleadings
Causes of Action                                       Discovery Practice
Motion Practice                                         Trial Preparation

            Having run a major law firm for almost two decades, Mr. Edwards is proficient in analyzing problems related to firm management, as well as case management.  As a result of this extensive background, Mr. Edwards has taken his skills and experience from the courtroom to the classroom teaching Pre-Trial Litigation Skills; Civil Trial Advocacy;  Insurance Law; Arbitration Practice and Remedies, for the past 13 at an accredited law school.
          Serving as a frequent lecturer for Trial Lawyers Organizations and California Continuing Education of the Bar, Mr. Edwards is a recognized authority on numerous legal issues, including “Custom and Practice”.
           To reach the office of Mark E. Edwards, call (714) 669-1487 or send an e-mail to: markedwardslaw@gmail.com

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